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Video Failure leading to log-out

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Novel Tourist

I recently updated to Skype 5.8 on my MacBookPro and ever since I've been having problems with my video. I can make a voice call with no problems. I can see others videos just fine but when I add my video the call will last another 10-30 seconds and then cut out. It appears I am getting logged out of Skype. I don't think my internet is going down because I'm still able to use other websites. Any suggestions. 



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Novel Tourist

I don't have your questioner's log-out problem, but I do have a problem activtivating video. Last night I made a series of calls, both from my iMac and my ipad, to my son-in-law's two ipads. all these devices have the latest version of skype installed. On my iMac I could see him but he couldn't see me. Using my ipad, neither of us could see each other. His webcams are plainly working, and my webcam also, since the output of my webcam appeared at the bootim right of my screen, irrespective of whether I was using the iMac or the ipad. Also, we both got the message "initiating video"; it's just that the video never in fact, initiated itself, except one-way, from his idad to my imac. What are we doing wrong? --Bernard Harrison

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