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Video Call Problem for Mac

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I am having the exact same problem I can see them but they can not see me.  Has anyone emailed you a solution?


thanks I would love your help if it is possible


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I tried to add a contact but doe's not show.i'm new to skyp  with a new imac What a gong show this is?????

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I don't see any response from Skype Co. experts as this is just a forum

to vent and not to get answers. I am new, but it looks to me like a huge

waste of time. Anybody agree?

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Mac Cinema Display monitor Camera does not work with Skype...??

Works fine with other programs, imovie, etc.

Have installed firmware update 1.0 to the device, no help...




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Well, updating the skype to seemed to help me, the final testing is still undone!
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Is there a real person at skype who can help with this????!!! I have a MacBook Pro that shows Facetime HD as the camera and from August 2011 until 3 days ago, everything was working just fine with the video. The works fine on Facetime. What's up with you all of a sudden, Skype?! Help, please.

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Maybe since Microsoft joined forces with skype, the whole application is bad

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