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VIDEO-HELP! I can´t see myself and I can´t change the other persons video-size

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I just downloaded the latest Skype version for Mac (5.3). After I did that, the problems just kept stacking up. First of all, the normal skype "window" where you normally see both the person you are talking to and the video of yourself, is now just black. I can't see the person I am talking to or my self. However, when I go on to the internett, the "mini window" comes up on my screen where I can see the person I am talking to. This is just a tiny box though, and I can't make it any bigger. So the problem is then that I can't see my self, and I can only see a tiny video of the person I am talking to.


The other problem, which makes me sure that it really is something wrong with my skype, is that every time I hang up a video call, Skype will suddenly not work, it doesn't react (freezes) and I have to force quit Skype. This happens sometimes.


I am desperately in need for help. Is there anyone out there who can help a girl in need? 



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I have the exact same problem - the only thing I can put it down to is a conflict between Skype and Lion. If you minimise the Skype window when a video call is in progress another "current call" window opens up where you can at least see the other party (even though you cant see yourself).


This is obviously a display driver issue - as I can occasionally set "messages" like turn off video (or something like that), when I hover my mouse over the missing button in upper right area even if i cant see the button itself.

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Same problem ! Someone please help out

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Me too!!! I am new on skype and with mac. so I really hope someone knows how to fix this issue..

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Remove the latest version of skype and install the older "2.8" version. Everything is back to normal again

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Am having same problem since upgrading to Mac 5.3 Skype. Screen for video calls goes black all icons disappear so even unable to disconnect, other person can see me but I cant see them and dont get the small view of self either - any suggestions. Dont even get a tiny box - it seems to freeze on the black screen - could seriously do with some help thanks 

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same problems as well. Skype freezing, the other person not visible, just a little window (sometimes). Quite frustrating. Running Mac 10.5.8 with latest downloaded Skype

Any ideas? I feel I have tried everything.


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I just get a jumbled screen similar to a bad puzzle. Where does one find the older version. I admit I have not used skype in a year. It worked fine before.

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You can download v2.8 by clicking on Mac under Get Skype near the bottom of this web page, then scrolling to near the bottom of the resulting page.  Click on the link to download it.


Older versions are readily available from

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yeah i have the same problem have you found out how to fix it yet
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