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Using MacBook Pro Internal Camera: No Video Showing

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I'm trying to use Skype though my Macbook Pro and they video is not showing.  When I go into "Preferences", then "Audio/Video", the box on the bottom is black.  It only shows me the one camera option "Facetime HD Camera Built-In".  The camera does work on Google Chat and Facetime.


Any ideas!

Thank you!  

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Had exact same problem.  By accident, we found that the video will work perfectly if you select one of the Skype menus and leave the menu visible.  Obviously a sub-optimal solution but it worked.  On the next call, it wasn't necessary to have the menu open and the call worked as expected.  Some weird software issue with Facetime HD camera because the iSight on the other end has had no problems since the upgrade to  Incidently, all the contact photos on the newer MacBookPro disappeared after the upgrade as well but didn't on the older MacBookPro.

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I'm having the same problem, but the "open menus" option doesn't seem to work. I've a new MacBook Pro 13 (w/Lion) and have used Skype (which we LOVE) on this and other machines successfully. The problem started when I got a call while my old PowerBook G4 17" was on, and Skype tried to start up there as well. Since that machine has no camera (and I didn't have the little auxiliary camera plugged in), maybe it messed up the MacBook Pro implementation somehow.

I need help! Can't see EITHER grandkid w/o Skype!

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BTW, I went to check out the FaceTime Camera, and IT'S working just fine! I've got a SKYPE problem. Sigh.
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Not working for me, either. And I'm using Stopped suddenly a couple of weeks ago - right when I upgraded to this software. So, it seems a way bigger problem than Microsoft realised and they need to fix it! BTW, I tried all the solutions everyone (including Skype) suggested and nothing works!

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I'm having the oppisoit problem, I'm using a Logitech C930 and can't find where in this mac that I can select an auxuliary camera.  It only uses the internal camera.  I've looked at the Logitech software, where it has a drop down to select the camera, but when Skyping only the Mac's camera operates?

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Awesome that the official support are responding to these posts. :/

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I found this information quite helpful

Try this. It worked for me.

With the computer off, using the left side of the keyboard press and hold;

and the power key for 5 seconds

then let go of them all at the same time

Nothing will appear to have happened- Turn your computer back on and open facetime- YEAAAAH Buddy! Just worked on mine and feel its my duty to tell others. No clue how to post in all. Thanks to a sweet girl named Rachel at Applecare

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This worked for me, too!  You get a somewhat scary noise as the MacBook powers up, but the camera starts working again.  :bigsmile:

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Had the same problem, only worse: even FaceTime wasn't able to recognize the camera. Tryed this and worked beautifully. Thanks! y):

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