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Unauthorized transactions

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Casual Tourist

While I was using the Skype this morning, I received a number of pop up messages saying, either my auto-recharge was been cancelled, then it was enabled, then this was repeated several times, then it started to charge my credit card for recharge while my account still have enough $$. I received a phone call from my credit card company at noon time and I was told that Skype had attempted to charge my account eight times this morning, one time for $10, then three times for $60 each, then four times for $125 each.

I felt that someone had broken into the Skype user profile and started to charge my credit card under Skype's name.  I turned off the auto-charge but I think whoever can break into this profile had the ability to turn it on off at will, so turn it off had no use to this people. I had to cancel my credit card in order to stop this from happening.

I figured I must be not the only victim this morning. It is sad that Skype user account was this easy to get broken into. I am not sure how I can safely re-charge my account in the future without this kind of problems.


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