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The Obvious: Skype Interface on the Mac Sucks

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Novel Tourist

this UI is the beginning of the end.

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Novel Tourist
+1 for a compact window mode and while you're at it, how about making the list UI remember where I set the columns to? Sheesh, doesn't even remember them when switching between "Online", "Skype" etc. when in the list view.
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Casual Adventurer
Absolutely - I just can understand the autistic approach to customer "satisfaction" from Skype - V5 is now in it's 7th iteration and still barely usable despite the huge outcry of the user community. This is beyond comprehension. Microsoft, Skype, however reads this; SKYPE FOR MAC v5 IS A PIECE OF CRAP. I don't like using strong language lightly but there is nothing else to it. Please get your acts together and at the very least plug the glaring holes reported over and over again. I have tried to propose constructive solutions since beta time to no avail - hugely frustrating.
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Novel Adventurer

At least you all can use SKYPE if not very well. I can't even do that. All I can get when I login is my own profile and the service information pages. If I click on any links I get asked to Login. I can't access my contacts or open a video chat window or sms link or anything. Thankfully I still have my windows laptop next to my iMac so I will just keep using that till it finally craps out.

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Novel Adventurer

Here is one more complaint from a Mac user agreeing with all the previous complaints. The current Skype window takes up too large a large portion of the screen, and I cannot reduce the size as I could with previous versions.  Those on-line are not now at the top of the listing. Also, the status icons in the menu bar were previously the same as on the skype screen, but now, instead of the green blob with the yellow check mark, its a black blog with a white check mark.  None of these changes were improvements. 


Previous versions were better designed. The transparent Online Contacts window helps, but its not as good as the previous main window design. 

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Honorary Adventurer
Please don't take this as a patronising remark but it seems as though you are on the Skype page and not in the Skype application.
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Honorary Adventurer
For the screen you can drag the bottom right corner and it becomes a lot smaller. On my 17" macbook pro it goes to about one tenth the screen size. If you don't want any screen click CMD 3 and you get a small contacts monitor screen and the main Skype screen will be hidden. It only shows online contacts though.
To get all on line contacts to the top just click on the Status bar and they'll go there. The same with names. Click on the name bar and you'll get alphabetical starting with A or Z.
I couldn't agree more about the status icon on the menu bar though but that was because of other inveterate moaners on this forum and Skype gave in to their wishes. Shame. A choice would be good to please everyone.
There are still lots of bad things with 5.7 but I'd not go back to 2.8 because the video is far better.
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Novel Tourist

This is the worst interface ever. THE WORST.


Why is the contacts bar with the message window, it whores up the entire screen without reason. Why is the "contacts bar" now a history bar. Why can't I have all my contacts listed without giant bloody pictures from A-Z on the sidebar instead of a "history" of people I recently chatted with. And even if I have to go through my contacts to see who's online the lines are huge for ZERO reason: they're fat and large, as if skype thinks I'm blind. Why can't we have a seperate window for who's online and a seperate window for who we're chatting with. Why is the top bar so freaking huge? Why on earth does it have to be this terrible? I want to physically harm whoever was responsible for this garbage (no I don't).


I don't understand what's going through your heads UI devs of skype, but nothing here is innovating or user friendly. This is a mess and it needs to be fixed.

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Casual Adventurer only has PC downloads, not Mac.

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Community Ambassador

[invalid URL] is for the Mac OS--as least as of 45 seconds ago.

Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem.
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