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The Obvious: Skype Interface on the Mac Sucks

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I've been a paying Skype Pro user for several years.


I've given v5 a chance, using it for months, and frankly it's just a worse program for all the things I need Skype for.


The contacts list is FAR less useful.

I much prefered the old History window.

Chatting and even dialing is clumsier.


#EpicFail Skype! I agree with an earlier poster: It's like you went OUT OF YOUR WAY to break the UI.


I'm going back to 2.8 (found it on, which thankfully still works in Lion, and can even be installed in parrallel to v5 just fine.


Maybe a future v5 update will improve matters, but it's not worth the wasted time to use it as is.

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Wow? They actually even read posts here ?! Thats a first from what I've seen!So basically they just silently ignore the problem.. wow great tactic guys.


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I have been wating for Skype to fix this issu but now i can't wait anymore. Who is the a**hole that is responsible for the UI change? It's horrific and it makes no sense. I could do it better my self. 

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Can you tell me how to install the 2.8 version in parallel with version 5?  I downloaded it from the site you pointed me to, but when I try to load it into the Mac applications, it wants to replace version 5.  

As much as I hate the version 5 UI, I need it for multi-point videocalls, so I'd like to keep both products if possible.


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In the Application folder rename to before copying the one you just downloaded. You will be able to launch either one.

I just one to add my voice. The new UI is a disaster. Please fix!
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Thank you sir. I can't tell you how relieved I am to have 2.8 back on my system, such a breath of fresh air!

I'd rather use software nearly 18 months out of date than be forced to endure that bloody UXE for one minute longer. Sort it out guys.
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Only 26 messages on this thread! No wonder that there is no change... Please guys we need people here if we want skype to come back to a much better and condensed design for its UI.


This one is a complete disater to my mind and no skype is eating up more than half of my screen. Please give us the choice to have a large window or a more condense column of contacts that we can keep on the side as before.


This is a real problem with me (and I am not talking about the new Skype Home page that opens when Skype starts), and I hope this is a real problem for some of you.


Please post here, and maybe, we can have our voice heard!

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Ya, I can't stand this #### skype, they never seem to learn from their mistakes.


Lately it's having huge connectivity problems too.  I need a reliable inbound phone number, and despite paying Skype for basically everything they offer the Mac UI just gets worse and worse, and performance is going in the toilet in a hurry.


I'm actively looking for a replacement, will post it all over the place when I find something suitable.

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I go along with the exposition... I also prefer the "narrow" version of Skype (eg: 2.8.xx) for its manageability. Additionally, in low speed networks (ie: low priority areas in Europe and lots of areas in developing countries) I would appreciate a low overhead version similar in resources use/load to WhatsApp, obviously avoiding the use of video under such conditions.
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I like this post: constructive, non-confrontational, and specific. Kudos. Personally, I have an issue with opaque functionality, not design. I can't figure out how to re-send a contact request. I'm not trying to hijack this thread, I just wonder if anyone out there can point me in the right direction? This function appears to be undocumented.


Thanks, and congrats again.    



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