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Test call failed

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Casual Tourist

I am running Mac OS X Lion 8.2 and have downloaded the latest version of Skype.


I have been through the adjust sound settings on my computer/skype for Mac OS X Lion page on skype support to no avail! I cannot hear myself when I MAKE A TEST CALL,  what is going wrong?  any help would be appreciated.


ps. just bought a new headset (Plantronics) with seperate mic and earphone jacks which are Skype compatable (the box say's Windows) although I would not expect that to be the problem.


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I would suggest trying to eliminate the Plantronics headset as the source of the problem.  In BOTH Skype AND System Preferences, select the built-in mic.  Be certain the mic isn't muted.  Set the speakers as well, just to be certain.  Then call echo123 again to see what happens.  It's probably something terribly simple that's causing the failure.  If that doesn't work, come back here and we'll probably find someone with the solution that works for you.

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