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Stop asking me to confirm to quit

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Super Adventurer

Command Q means nothing to me about anything, which is why I ignored it

the fact of the matter is that it IS possible to avoid the confirmation dialog with the version that I mentioned, and I, personally, could care less if there is a relationship to another option

you already been censored for your poor choice of language

imo, it is you that needs the attitude adjustment

good luck -- I'm outta here, so if you post something more that is directed at me personally, I won't see it anyway

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Casual Adventurer

First of all, if your attempting to help someone solve a problem, why would you ignore something said repeatedly? Why not ask about it if you are unsure? (besides you'd imagine with 650+ posts on a Skype support forum would consider this as at least a hobby, and therefore also be a bit of a techie with at least some experience under different OSs)


Secondly, as a new user I was unaware that "dam" (followed by an 'n' and 'ed') would bring the moderators down on me. Not exactly strong language in my opinion. But fair enough, it is their forum to run how they see fit.


Thirdly, anything beyond 5.3 for mac is beta.


Fourthly, out of curiosity I did download the latest beta available and the notification remains.



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Kytreb,i could not agree more with you and, like you, i hate that popup.  It stops the shut down of my mac. i installed the latest available version ( and it still does not offer the option to disable that f. popup.


Can someone help us?


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I got version and got the same annoying window on quit (


please, skype team make a checkbox "don't show" to avoid appearence of this unuseful window


when I'm trying to upload image (screenshot) from my mac to this post I see "An Unexpected Error has occurred. An Unexpected Error has occurred". It seems that nobody test site on mac ( when Iswitch to html view I see a small thin column instead of wide textbox.

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I'm actually a Win7 user and seriously, this doesn't work. The same irritating dialog box comes again to confirms user about quitting. Only thing, next time the text "Do not ask me again" doesn't come, but dialog box doesn't fail to bother

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Totally agree with you kytreb, I'm a Windows user and this confirmation diaglog is appearing on WinXP as well as Win7, and by the forums I wonder Skype support is still unaware of it or want to deliberately keep it
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I've also been searching for a way to kill this dialog box. It seems like previous versions for Mac had such an option and then it disappeared. I'm guessing that a command-line wizard should be able to find a way to turn this off... Unfortunately, I am not one of those... (maybe I'll ask Lifehacker...)


Other Skype for Mac design issues I can live with, but this one drives me crazy on a weekly basis.

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It is so obvious that when a user logs out, he will by no way receive communication on skype. But it is so funny that Skype developers added a stupid dialog box confirming to quit by saying "You won't be able to send/receive instant messages if you quit"


My question to Skype developers: Is there any way I can chat on Skype without an account or after logging out of my a/c ? If the answer is no, then why the stupid confirmation dialog after after logging out and trying to quit?

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I have to agree with everything this user says. We are intelligent users and it is a bit annoying that Skype is the only program on my Mac that keeps my computer from shutting down.

Please remove this option. Imagine if at every cell phone call you are told, "Are you sure you want to end this call?" Yes, we are..that is why we hit the Quit option.
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Good example about asking to end every cell phone call.

Unfortunately Skype programmers are doing nothing in this regard. I've updated to latest version this morning and still find this stupid confirmation dialog.


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