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Stop asking me to confirm to quit

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Casual Tourist

This is ridiculous.


I can't believe the tone of 'Neil' - clearly everyone is frustrated with this ridiculous feature and it needs addressing.


When I come to shut down my mac, my efforts are always hampered by this absurd dialog box.



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Routine Adventurer

It is not only a problems with Mac, but also windows. They released a new version update a few days back, and this annoying dialog is still there.

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Novel Tourist

Oh, this SO deserves a kudos. Bump! I just wish it wasn't posted under Mac, because I'm running Win7 and yes, the dialog from hell pisses me off too.

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This is so frustrating! Please fix this! Mac users should be able to opt not to show this frustrating dialogue upon quitting Skype.

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+1 for getting rid of this dialog. It annoys the heck out of me too.

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This is something I have been trying to get rid of for a year now.  I just figured it out.  I am running Skype on a Mac.  I was not keeping any chat history as I am sure most of us are not.  When I changed that setting in preferences to save chat history for 1 month the dialog box went away when I quit.  


Now I don't want to save my chat history nor do I want the dialog box.  But given a choice between the two I would rather save my history rather than having an update fail due to the dialog box.


Hope this helps.  One of Neil's posts gave me a hint.  Thanks Neil.

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Sadly enough, this option has no effect and doesn't work.
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I would rather talk with customer support on the phone for 45 minutes 

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Staff Moderator

ahainen55 wrote:


Hello ahainen55,

I've had to edit your posts as they contravene Skype's guidelines.

I would be grateful if you would bear this section in mind.

Thank you.


"You are expected to maintain a helpful, respectful tone when posting. Opinions are welcome, but they may not escalate into flaming and rudeness against Skype, its staff, other forum members or any other party."


I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

If my advice helped to fix your issue please mark it as a solution to help others.
Please note that I generally don't respond to unsolicited Private Messages. Thank you.
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Hi Norman,


I'm surprised to see a moderator edit a user's contravening statement as soon as he posts, but not work on to solve the root cause of this issue. I believe it is because of which this topic is getting lenthened and delayed.

It simply means that Skype developers know that the problem exists, but don't want to solve it.

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