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Solution for hardly readable menu texts

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We've heard about some users (especially on Ubuntu) having a hard time reading menu texts within Skype. Obviously the "Ambiance" desktop style doesn't play along that nicely. We've already fixed this in our client (which defaults to "Desktop settings" for new profiles).


If you are an upgrading user your user profile might still contain the old setting. But there is an easy fix. Please follow these quick steps: 

  1. Open Skype Options
  2. The "General" settings page is opened
  3. Choose Style -> Desktop Settings
  4. Restart Skype

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Novel Adventurer
Thanks a lot!!! I use the old version of skype since it works with my camera and i had this problem!!!!
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Novel Adventurer

Nice to see you answer to a Linux thread Claudius, but one question that has been asked often and still hasnt got an answer is when will we get a Linux update for the skype client?

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Casual Adventurer

AH! & What! Which is the alternative choise, if Skype in all LINUX DISTRIBUTIONS, suck, in UBUNTU have full mistakes, example; automatically skype cut the VIDEO CALL, then, apparently freeze, & when the user tries, restart SKYPE for LINUX. Poom! Other error, The user can't access to the software.

Because SKYPE say: Another instance is in use.

Really skype forgot the LINUX comunity, (discarding to ANDROID).

If the LINUX design is a problem! Whel! NOT MAKE S.TUPID EXCUSES.

Skype dont works at LINUX, we need look: Like Ex user of Windows, i & we need to look alternatives.

Im sorry for being r.ude, and s.poiled my terms.

Skype is not a thing that has to be in linux! Really in my way of thinking! SKYPE is not ufficient to stay at or in hardy platforms likes are LINUX.

Sorry for being i.diot, but is truth.

Jaen Alejandro
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Casual Adventurer
Yep! this is the Question.
Jaen Alejandro
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Casual Adventurer

Thanks a lot man!

I'm webdesign ninja: Izdelava spletnih strani
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Novel Tourist

I am trying to install Skype on Ubuntu and am getting a dependency error. What shouls I do? I need help.

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Reliable Adventurer

I would start to resolve the dependencies 1 by 1.
Linux Distros are making Linux a friendly and easy operating system but it still need a Linux nerd for when these conflicts/dependencies/problems happen.
Try to figure out what's missing in your system and install it.
Sometimes you may need to compile those dependencies from source, depending on the Distro you're using.
Can you do that?
If you can't, well try to learn by reading/searching in the web or be active in forums.
The community may help you.

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Novel Adventurer

The problem is that Skype doesn't actually make it clear which dependancies are missing. If it wasn't for the AUR taking care of it for me, I'd probably also be very annoyed by that. Then again, I've only installed Skype 4 through the AUR, so I can't know for certain how cryptic they make it. For all I know it can be following every .deb/rpm guideline. But if memory serves me right, the previous versions did not.


I like that Skype has been updated for Linux, because it's been neglected for so long (and it's kinda annoying every time I use it on Windows and get reminded of how good it's supposed to be), but this kind of issue is simply bad design. The ambience theme looks nice, and is a normal GTK theme with no weird and fancy untradtionalities. There is no real reason any GTK program shouldn't work with it. Everyone would benefit from you simply using our GTK themes. I'm sure certain things are harder to do, but for those things you can cheat. But the entire client doesn't need to suffer because of it. Compare the Skype client (Following my GTK theme, supposedly) and the Empathy client (Actually following my GTK theme). They have very simmilar layouts, Empathy simply looks a lot nicer.


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Routine Adventurer

Why did you guys not re-add the option to adjust the size of the fonts? I am now gaining great headaches now because the fonts are too small and unadjustable. The last version had a way to adjust the font size. Please fix this. I have to use Skype for support for members of my websites. I have been using skype way before Microsoft ever thought about buying it. This unadjustable font size is HURTING MY EYES And HEAD. I believe I can get a lawyer for something causing me great pain especially if nobody plans on fixing it. Please re-add the Font adjustment.



Super Dave IT Tech

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