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Skype won't connect to my Facebook account all the way

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Novel Adventurer

So I know this question's been asked before but I couldn't find a response that would fix my problem. Everytime I try to log in to Facebook on my Skype Home tab (to import Facebook friends onto Skype) I successfully log in, after which I am redirected to the "Skype wants your permission to do the following..." page. I adjust my preferences and then click the allow/skip button. The window then shows the sky blue circle that goes around but ultimately nothing happens and I am again redirected to the "Connect with Facebook! Log in using your facebook account, etc" page. I've tried this many times and I've even upgraded the Skype software thinking it was a glitch in the previous version. But all to no avail. Can someone please help me connect to Facebook! 


Thank you! 


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