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Skype will start up then shut down immediately

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Casual Tourist

When I downloaded the newest version of Skype onto my Mac, operating system OS X version 10.5.8, it would open to the contacts page then shut down and an error message would appear. It does not open long enough to adjust any of the settings. I have tried to reinstall as well as uninstall and reinstall but the result is the same. Any suggustions would be great!





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Casual Tourist

I am having the exact same problem.  Did you find the cause?  I, too, am using a Mac.  

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Novel Tourist

I am having a simular problem. I just got one of the new MacBook pros with the retina displays.  sometimes it works and sometimes it doesen't.  It seems to work a little better AFTER the laprop is connected to wifi or network connection to the internet.  But I am having Crashing issues about 50% to 75% of the time.  any resolution from Skype tech support would be appreciated.

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Novel Tourist

Just started having the same problem this morning, very frustrating.  Can anyone from Skype help?  Same probelm, same operating system.  Crashes before it really gets going, everytime I try to launch it.  Was even funny starting up this morning, asking for my password (never does this, I have it set up to launch on start up and keep me logged in).



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