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Skype volume

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Novel Adventurer

Hello, i'm writing here because very often i find myself speaking with friends via skype while doing other activities gaming/surfing/other and i feel the need to have the old SKYPE ONLY volume bar, i thing this is a top issue becouse very often i have to drop the call (also why did you remove the old pause button it was wery usefull) just to listen to a song or a youtube video.

Please bring it back, also update the screenshots on the site becouse it is displayed there...

why can't we have the same windows functionalities as it has always been? 

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Reliable Adventurer

I agree there should be a volume control in all available windows.


But there's a free add-on utility that should give you the same functionality. It's called "SoundSource." Great for switching audio input and output real-time, and for adjusting the volumes of each. It plugs into your top menu bar for easy access. I've been using it for years. Great add-on:


Just FYI, Fission, NiceCast, Audio Hijack Pro, and LineIn are other great products from Rogue Amoeba for the Mac. You can use LineIn and SoundFlower for example to record separate Skype tracks directly into GarageBand.

Novel Adventurer

It does not do what we all want!
Let's take the case:

I'm in skype call and want to watch a video on youtube


Now the volume on youtube @ max but i can't hear a thing becouse the skype conv (it's pretty common) and i want to turn SKYPE and only SKYPE VOLUME DOWN.

The bar was there in previous version bring it back damnit! The forum is full of these request, the bar is iven in the screenshots on the main website!!!

We want an official solution for this not third party plugis/apps!!


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