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Skype video not working for mac

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I have run through all of the troubleshooting methods, I have the latest version of skype for Mac, and I have checked the webcam works in facetime, but when i go into the audio/video section in preferences the video is still just black. It also doesnt work when i try to make a video call. Anyone got any suggestions The problem appears to lie with the skype software

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I am having the same problem and I entered my problem on this site about  week one answers my question.  Does that tell you something?  What do we do shy of uninstalling the whole **bleep** program.  I, tool, have followed all their instructions.  What a pain in the bum!


Missy Workman

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I have a similar video problem.  It works on my end fine (the other end is on Windows 7), but my video transmission gets distorted chronically during the video call, showing a distorted image every other minute or so!  This is not a good sign of Skype Support available.  I might just go on Facetime and call the other side's iPhone.  

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Yes, I did the same thing, upgrade to the new skype and now my video isn't working anymore.  The Face image is also black and not sure how to fix it?


Am annoyed now!

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I also do have the same problem. It must be a bug in Skype for Mac. I was talking perfectly this morning with a video call, but in the evening, I could see the faces of the person speaking, but no one could see me.
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Same in Spades. Running Mac OS 10.7.3 (latest Lion). I'm using Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro for video. All has worked until I upgraded a week ago to latest Skype for Mac. Now I have a black screen in the video window when trying to make a video call in Skype. I use iShowU HD application to record Skype calls. That application also has a video monitoring window as Skype. In it's window I see what my QuickCam sees, whereas the Skype video monitor screen is back. This seems to indicate the problem is with Skype and some conflict it has with Apple, or other application. So far no response from Skype tech support. Good luck to everyone.

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Since upgrading to Skype on my MacBook Pro running 10.7.3

I have nothing then problems:

iSight (external camera) not working anymore

picture notvisible in preferences/audio-video

build in camera needs long time to star up

In all not what I am used to from Skype in the past.

Very dissapointing


Ingolf and Renate in Alice Springs 

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Like everyone else here, I have upgraded to Version, and I am having video problems.  I am running on a Mac w/ 10.6.8.  Skype worked fine before the upgrade, now the picture from my end just freezes.  Can I reinstall the the old Skype?  Is anyone from Skype monitoring these complaints?


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Have downloaded a previous version of Skype, and have clicked "REPLACE" to change over the the 'old' version... now Skype works again as I was used to


Ingolf in Alice Springs

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Thanks Alice Springs. I did the same and it works for me. Previously I downloaded an earlier version but it wasn't an early enough version to receive video.

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