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Skype through proxy

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How do I configure skype to work through a proxy on a mac? The proxy I am using works fine on windows but skype refuses to connect under mac. I have checked to make sure that the proxy is setup correctly under mac's network settings. Please help me with this.

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I believe there is no help for us Mac Users on Corporate Networks, the developers for the app need to add proxy awareness to the Mac version of the App, just like they did for the PC version.  *is holding breath wondering if this will get addressed*

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I`m having the same problem.

But I don't know why, but my skype, kinda worked for a couple of minutes, then, it stoped working.
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I am also having this problem - traffic is restricted on my network to port 80 & 443 but there doesn't seem to be the option to fallback on these ports in the mac version either.

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Same situation for me too.

I can also connect to skype through proxy network on Windows but not on Mac OSX Lion.


If I connect to any other network on Mac which is not under proxy, then skype connects.

It would have been so great if Skype team could add a proxy settings like "Dropbox" or something like that.


Really really lokking for ward to use Skype on Mac as all other Mac users.


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Same problem! Is it possible to know when this problem will be fixed!?!?



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Can we get official work from Skype staff/developers regarding this issue. If this is the only support channel for Skype, its next to useless if the only replies are from other Skype users saying "Me too!".


What's the official word devs? Or are Microsoft going to let this die and suggest we use Lync instead?

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i have this problem too




[invalid URL]

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As the push for consumerization of IT continues, Skype is now being listed as a “business required” application by the organizations that use Macs in my enterprise. Our Mac clients sit behind a fairly nice and configurable proxy server that, because of the nature of our business, ALL traffic needs to be funneled through. We cannot simply open outgoing ports to make Skype happy, a difficult thing to explain to end users. Now, through our troubleshooting, we have Skype on Windows 7 working through our proxy. So at this point, it is down to a Skype Mac client issue.

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Seeing as though there doesn't seem to be any official Skype help filtering through to this thread, here's a solution that I've found to fix the same problem you guys are having.


Ditch the latest Skype version (5.7...) and install an earlier version. I used which I found at


This doesn't seem to have any problems working through our company proxy server.


Then ignore any dialogue messages that promt you to update to the new version.


Hope that helps.

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