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Skype on iPod touch 2nd generation

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Casual Tourist

I have downloaded Skype on to my iPod touch 2nd generation (updated with iOS 4.0) but the icon is not appearing on the home page. Why has it not come up automatically? How can i put it there?

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Novel Tourist
The problem is that u need a higher iOS, because skype was updated to a new software, Im having the same problem.
Can I get an older version of skype?
Novel Tourist

Yes pls is there an older version that can be installed manually

Novel Tourist

I have the same problem. Please offer to download previous versions of this software in order for us to be able to run it!

Novel Tourist

I've contacted Skype support and after half an hour they confirmed that older skype version for ios 4 are NOT supported.

Is like they say to us: "Hey you, with an older iPhone or iPod, f**** yourself and buy a new one, we have no intention to help you. What? Would you like a page to download older version?? Hhahahah... F*** off and get a new device! "

The customer care guy was nice and efficient by the way.

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