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Skype needs these improvements

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I use Skype all the time. I use Skype on average of about 19 hours a day. I have noticed several things that can be improved on Skype to make it better for users. Some of these improvements that I would like to see have been present in older versions of Skype but taken away in the newer versions. I am talking about Skype for Mac of course.




1. Volume Control: It would be really nice if during a call or video call the user was able to adjust the volume of just the call from within the call window. This is important because the user should be able to adjust the call volume without having to adjust the overall computer volume. I know this feature was present in older versions of Skype...where did it go??!!??

2. Snapshots: There used to be a button on the top of the call window that would allow a snapshot to be made. This is important, especially in my case, where I would be talking to my family and would want to take a snapshot of my son once he strikes a natural pose. The newer versions of Skype I don't even know how to make a snapshot! It should be nice and easy like it used to be to make a quick snapshot!!


3. Contacts View: In the older versions of Skype it was possible to view your Skype contacts as a buddy list. I like this feature. It should be added back. It makes it nice and easy to keep the buddy list in the foreground of your computer and view online contacts without having it take up a lot of space on the screen.


4. User Video Window: In older versions of Skype it was possible to adjust the size of the Users video window. I think this is a great feature and I would like to see it added to the new version next time one comes out. Currently you are able to only slightly adjust the size of your own camera and even the larger option is still small!


5. Pause Camera: I think that a Pause Camera feature would be nice. This would allow for users to Pause their camera without having to shut it off.


1. Keep it so that when surfing the internet or other programs the video call goes to a small window that stays on top. I like this feature and it allows you to constantly view your video call even when multitasking. Adding a volume adjust to this feature would be nice though.


2. I think the overall look and feel of the Skype interface is nice. Keep this.

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Casual Adventurer
Outstanding post! Thank you, I heartily agree.
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