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Skype keeps disconnecting on video call!

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On the latest version of Skype for Mac, I like to video chat with my friends from time to time. Every time I do though, it repeatedly disconnects about 2 or 3 times per hour. It is really frustrating. When I merely voice call someone (up to 3 or 4 people simultaneously), it never disconnects, so it has to do with the video (only one person).


I will be on the call chatting with my friend when he/she freezes on screen and then the connection is lost and being attempted to be reclaimed. It is reclaimed about half the time, and the other half, just completely lost. Both of our connections are fine, our bandwidths are fine (the video and sound runs smoothly, but then the video blurs when it is about to happen), and I even have the ethernet cord plugged directly into my mac, and so does he/she. I just don't understand the system and why it keeps doing that.


Has anyone else experienced these problems?

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I have the exact same problem! The connection goes out about every 25 minutes and skype kicks me off. I have to log out of skype and log back in again to start the video call again. When the video crashes the connection goes bad and I can't log back on for about 2 minutes... The wireless works well and I have even tried with the ethernet plugged in. I have a Macbook OS X 10.6.8

Someone help!!
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We have exactly the same problem! So who has a solution to this????? Help!! :S

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Calls constantly being disconnected after about 5 miutes on a video call.   Then have to make the call again.  I have a MAC.  Any solution?

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Mine also - With MAC, super annoying


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when i upgrade new version then i got the same problem don,t know what to do ?
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I ran into the same exact problem on my Macbook Air. I found a simple solution. The problem seemed to be coming from the newest version of Skype, version 6.9. I simply deleted it and downloaded the previous version, version 6.3 and it works perfectly now. No dropped calls, no more freezing every couple minutes. It works like the Skype I know and love.


Side Note: Skype....fix that nonsense, its really annoying and highly irritating. Thank you

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