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Skype keeps crashing when video chatting

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Novel Adventurer

Hello everyone I'm Casper. I have used the skype video chat function every day with a friend for some time now, but recently it started to behave strangely. Everything appears to be fine when we start video chatting, but very quickly my friend becomes frozen on my screen (even though she isn't frozen on her screen) but the sound still works perfectly. after a while though, the sound goes away too and my skype quits unexpectedly. This happened 5 times in an hour on average, and it seems to be happening more frequently. I would be extremely grateful if anyone can solve this problem coz its really really annoying. I don't think its a network problem coz the quality of the video and the sound is really clear... Thanks in advance i also copied down the crash report so if anyone want to take a look at it just send me a reply

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Novel Adventurer

I don't know if it helps or not, but i noticed that every time skype crashes it's either thread 0 or thread 1 that crashes - even though the 'symptoms' are the same, sometimes its thread 0 that crashed, sometimes it's thread 1.

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