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Skype issues on Mavericks (OSX 10.9)

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Novel Adventurer
Updated to build 701 yesterday. All of the issues I posted about before have cross fingers, been resolved as I'm no longer having crashes or hanging in the dock.
Novel Adventurer

Upgraded to Maverick and installed latest version of Skype. Now Skype is not allowing me to sign in. Same problem is occuring on iMac and Macbook Pro. Please Help. I use Skype for work and this is a major issue. 

Casual Tourist

I have the 701 build and the issue I'm still having now is that my camera keeps going from wide screen to regular screen, so my contacts get a freeze pic for a moment and then the format changes, it does this every 45-65 sec.

Please any help?

Novel Adventurer

EXACTLY the same problems Im having.


Help Sykpe developers... we need a fix asap!!

Casual Tourist

I just got my new iMac 27" OS X 10.9 (Core i7, GTX 780M, 32Gb RAM) and in any voice call Skype locks up my entire computer after 5 - 10 mins then crashes the entire OS.

Novel Tourist

Build 701 did not fix any of the problems - Skype freezing after some time of inactivity, especially if my Mac goes to sleep, at which point I have to force quit it. I don't even know if it would be better for it to explicitly crash, as now it looks like it's running in the dock, but in fact it's not. And freezing the entire OS is just unacceptable.




Hey maximr,


would it be possible for you to take the process sample when you see the hanging after waking from sleep? To do this, you can use Activity Monitor (in your Applications > Utilities folder). After opening locate Skype in the list and click on the gear icon and from dropdown select "Sample process".

If you could post the generated file here, it would be very useful for us.




Casual Tourist

Running Mavericks and latest version of Skype.


The problem is that sometimes (Pretty frequent) Skype doesnt open by it's icon in dock and actually there's no reaction.By right-clicking on the icon there's only "Force Quit" option and as it may help I gotta say that the app's status in Activity Monitor isn't "not responding".


There's no chioce but to force quit!


Please address this irritating bug!

Casual Tourist

Skype 6.9 for Mac fails frequently since upgrading to OS X Mavericks (10.9) on Macbook Pro w/Retina Display (Mid 2012).  It fails when I go into sleep mode.  Just failed mid-day while using Skype and other programs (including VMWare Fusion 6.0.1).  The ping in my earbuds is a sure sign something has gone wrong with Skype.


Please correct this situation, I like many here, rely on Skype for my/our daily communications.  Certainly is inconvient - quickly heading towards unusable - no clear options otherwise.



Casual Adventurer

Upgraded to build 701 a day or so ago.  Much much better than build 517.  However, I seems I'm still having trouble answering calls every once in a while.  Not sure if that's Skype struggling to access the mic/headset or what, but there have been multiple times when I've answered a call, started about one second into hearing the other person, then it disconnects.


Another issue I saw was with forwarding.  I have Skype set to forward to my mobile if I do not answer in 15 seconds.  Yesterday, I had a call come in, Skype rang barely once, and halfway through the ring, it stopped.  I figured the caller hung up -- but it had actually been forwarded to my mobile.  That was a bit odd.


Anyhow, at least 701 is working.  517 was a disaster ... Thanks.