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Skype for Mountain Lion not working

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Casual Tourist

The only way I could make Skype work on ML is to right-click on app icon > show content > browse to 'Contents\MacOS\' and double click on Skype Unix file. It opens the terminal and starts the app. Hope this helps.

PS. Don't close terminal window or Skype will close...

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Hello guys, i have the same problem. When I update SnowLeo to MountainLion some programms don't started, for example: Google Chrome, VLC, Skype. Problem was at monitoring program names Refog, when I uninstall it everything goes fine. You can check it, if you have process names "smoke" in Activity monitor you have the Refog. 

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Casual Tourist

That's what did it for me!


I had downloaded the latest version from Skype web page.


It was 2.8.  Nothing I did would work to get it running.


I ended up finally finding this thread and the link to the older version of Skype (oddly with a much higher version # 6.8)


Installed it and things worked perfectly and immediately.  


Come on, guys and gals at Skype--please fix whatever's wrong with the version we download directly from your website!

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