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Skype for Mac - Video Call not an option

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I am running Skype on a MacBook Air. Only the Call feature is available - I cannot Video Call any of my contacts. I navigated to preferences --> audio/video. The camera selected is FaceTime Camera, and a video of me comes up, so the webcam appears to be working. The microphone picks up sound as well. However, when I go to my contacts, I can only "Call", not "Video Call." Any ideas on how to fix this? I checked for updates and am running the most recent version of skype.

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A contact you're selecting has to be online for the Video button to appear, and that's assuming it's a Skype contact you've exchanged contact details with.  If their status is offline all you'll see is the option to call a phone number if their profile has one.

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No idea if this changed since 2012 but it's now 2013 and still no Video Call option!


I just recently purchased an MacBoor Air. When I use skype it's usally on the iMac or on my IPad. Today I used skype on the Macbook for the first time and was surprised to see I have no video call option.


Not with known contacts (who already have my detail info). Not with online contact. Not with contact I am actially already calling with. No option to change the video settings. No metion of the video call option anywhere.


What do I need to do to change this?

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I'm having the same problem. It worked fine for a while and all of a sudden video calling wasn't an option. In Preferences, it even says that there isn't a camera installed. The camera works fine with other programs though.

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Found this reply with another question regarding the same problem. Maybe it helps:


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MisterB wrote:

Please check this:

Detailed instructions for workaround, until Apple fixes it, is presented on page 14 in above thread.


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Found additional info with file added. Haven't tried it yet, but reactions say it works. Good luck!


BastianS wrote:

if you have Time Machine go to first post !


Because a lot of people have problems with this solution performing the actions I made a small tutorial with pictures, if you still have problem with understand it , unfortunately I can not help you.


The solution is only temporary, because Apple has removed support for 32-bit from this plugin, we have to wait until Skype will support 64-bit or Apple will restore the support 32-bit


1. First Download the plugin, this is a "zip" (compressed) file, you need to unpack this file.

2. Open the Finder


3. In menu form Finder click "Go"


4. Next "Go to Folder"


5. In the window paste /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/  and press go 


6. In folder you have file AppleCamera.plugin make copy of this file on memory stick or send to email but don't rename or don't move to the trash !!!!


7. If you have copy, go to downloads folder and copy the downloaded file, be sure that is the AppleCamera.plugin not a zip file. (shortcut key "cmd + C")


8. Now go to the folder /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/ (point 3 to 5) and paste the file (shortcut key "cmd + V")


9. If system ask what to do then press "Replace" !! Don't keep both files !!

10. Restart system




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