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Skype doesn't start camera automatically on video calls

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Casual Tourist

Before ver. I used to be able to configure Skype to automatically start the camera at the beginning of a video call. That optional configuration is not available in this version. Now I must manually start the camera. Is this by design or a snafu?

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Experienced Adventurer

Snafu by design.

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The preferences seem to say otherwise -- it seems to imply that, on a video call, the camera will start on the Mac.  It even looks like it starts the camera momentarily and then says that the camera is not available.

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The directions say:  To cconfigure Skype using the Skype > Preferences... > Video menu. Be sure to check the boxes for "Enable Skype Video" and "Start my video automatically


I interpret "Start my video automatically" to start the camera (which is the only video usually available).  If this is incorrect, they need to clarify that.

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I'm having the same problem. How is the AutoSend option in the config.xml supposed to be set to activate that option? 0 or 1?
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Ok, had the time to try it today. It's 1 y):

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Casual Adventurer

This has become a recent problem for me as well. When I first installed Skype I could enable the camera to open at start up in Skype preferences. That has disappeared. Then I found that if you right click the Skype icon in my dock it shows options>open at login so I checked that and both Skype and the camera would come on but now Skype comes on when I startup but the camera doesn't. So now when I get a call or want to make one the camera has to be manually opened every time. I've read other posts telling us the only way to fix this problem is to uninstall this latest version of Skype and reload an older one. Why can't Skype enable Mac users this easy command in Skype Preferences? If I bought credits does that put the preference back?

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I don't seem to have the same options in my preferences section. My audio/video tab are combined and the only option I can choose for video is "Built-in'iSight". I tried to update to the latest skype download and the system reports that I am running on the latest version. I cannot click on video during my conversations (says video is not enabled). Any other suggestions?


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Novel Tourist

Tools/Options/Calls/Show Advanced Options/  


Check the boxes that say "Answer Incoming Calls Automatically" & "Start My Video Automatically When I Am In A Call"

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Former Staff

In Skype for Mac 6.3 go from menu:

Skype > Preferences... > Calls > select "Answer automatically" > Configure...

and select "Answer automatically with video"

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