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Skype Support Fail

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Casual Tourist

Dear Skype Customer Service, I've been Skype user for more than almost 8 years. I really enjoyed your product at the beginning. Than, later it was getting worst. Finally, when Microsoft bought it, the Skype turned in to a total **bleep** - the reason why I was using an older version of the software. But it is just my point of view. The reason i write this for you is next. A few days ago, my account was stolen and you guys did not even reply immediately on my mail letter. By the way, to find the support contact page you gotta seriously search the website. Later, I contacted some Support person via chat but you guys did not even suspend my account, so I could write to the thief and even got the responce. While discussion with the support people I gave all the information - the credit card number I pay my Skype, all there e-mails I could use to register my account, everything. The complete set of information needed to get my **bleep**ing account back. And here you fail. You guys writing me a letter after the whole week passed and telling me that not all the information was correct. So I would say - **bleep** YOU! 


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