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Skype Messages not Syncing with my iPhone

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Hi guys,


My Skype on my MacBook Pro isn't getting all of the messages from when I use my iPhone.


Usually during the day I am on Skype on my iPhone, and when I am home, I sign-in into the Mac and all of the messages Sync together, except recently it stopped doing that!!


Any idea why or how can that be resolved?


Thank you so much

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Nobody knows what's wrong!?  

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Casual Adventurer

There is an issue about sync between devices but Skype seem not to address this problem since a long time now.

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Novel Tourist

I'm experiencing exactly the same issue.  SKYPE TECH SUPPORT - could you please provide some response on how to resolve.  Thank you.


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I am having the same exact problem.  Notice first post was months ago.  This lack of syncing is causing havoc in my communications through Skype. 


How long do we have to go, or how many posts are required before Skype responds to MAC/iPhone users?  

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I spent over two hours with the morons in Asia that Microsoft hires for fifty cents an hour and it was a complete waste of time. There supposedly is a 6.10 version, but the support person couldn't put the link into the Chat. He had to e-mail it and and when I got his e-mails (took 20 minutes) they were all in Chinese. I asked many times to speak to a U.S. based "real" engineer who might actually be able to help me. All requests refused.


Skype was syncing instantly between iPhone and MacBook until I upgraded to Mavericks.


Now, I type a message on the MacBook and can only see the reply on the iPhone.


Supposedly Skype has all these ambassadors and techies and employees participating in this Community but still not so much as an admission that the problem is real (i now know it is from this thread).


Anyone have any ideas how we can get Microsoft's attention? BTW, as a Mac user used to superior customer service from US based staff, I hate Microsoft for exporting jobs to Asia nd hiring morons who only know how to read the handbook they are given to solve a problem. The assumption is always USER ERROR and never bad code in the application or on their servers.

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Community Manager

Skype currently doesn't have offline message syncing across instances. Your messages will only sync if:

a) The instance A (i.e. Mac) you had the IM chat from is still online with the same Skype session when you switch on your instance B (i.e. your iPhone)

b) Your conversation partner had their Skype session running and online all the time while you switch on your instance B


If your chat partner went offline or you don't have your two Skype instances online at the same time you won't get messages synced. Probably a crucial parameter in the situation changed in the past week which is why "the sync behaviour has changed". For example it could be your chat partner restarting Skype over the course of the day or not being online in the evening any longer to allow for syncing.


NB: This only affects 1-on-1 chats. For group chats the content syncs as soon as any group participant comes online. They will then sync all group conversation content this client "knows".


Hope this helps.

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Casual Adventurer

Thank you for your concise response. Too bad you don't adequately train the people in Asia that manage chat. HOURS chatting with them and they still had no clue. Useless people, and typical penny pinching Microsoft behavior. AppleCare KILLS Microsoft and people gladly pay for US based support from highly trained, intelligent technicians who actually use the products they support.


However, most people are not aware of this failure to sync in Skype. Especially since iPhone notifications occur even if Skype isn't running.


Do a search of the Forums for the tag "sync" and see the huge number of posts complaing about this situation with subjects like "Skype Doesn't Care"


Fixing this must be a priority for Microsoft. Users expect Skype Chat to sync.


Conversations across time zones often start on one instance and are resumed on another instnce. They MUST remain in sync.


People are expecting Skype to work like Exchange Server or iCloud. Online or offline, every instances matches and remains in sync.


The community's biggest fear is that Microsoft's takeover of Skype will destroy Skype, with feature bloat and gradual removal of the functionality that made Skype worth buying in the first place.


It is my considered belief that in 50 years, Microsoft will cease to exist, at least in its present form. You'll go the way of IBM and maybe become a server company. Microsft has never had a successful consumer product except the Windows OS and that product is at the end of its life cycle.


And Microsoft is notorious for not listening to anyone outside of Microsoft.


Before you guys took over the feature request and bug reports were 100% public. I could have a conversation with the developer, one on one. Now. it's all wrapped up and hidden inside Fortress Redmond

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