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Skype Helper? A virus? or legitimate program?

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I run the latest Mac version of Skype on an iMac using 10.8.5


Today when I opened Skype it asked me to install "Skype Helper" in order to continue. I needed to make a call so I proceeded... but


What is "Skype Helper"? Is it a virus or trojan?


or is it a legitimate add on?


I googled "Skype helper" but can only find an add on for Windows Internet Explorer... which of course I dont use.


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I believe you are seeing the upgrade installer helper.

You may be seeing this if, for example, you are not logged in with an account that has admin rights.


When that is the case, and when Skype wants to update, it will use a helper tool with elevated privileges to install Skype, only if given admin rights.

This is the way Apple prefers it, for security reasons: Skype is not the one given admin access, only a small, helper tool.



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Dear Thibault


Many thanks for your helpful reply.


I never saw this type of message before but indeed it happened in another user account with only "standard" rights (not an admin user).


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I got this too. 

Can you tell me how to delete it? Where did it install?

I gave it permission to install by accident, then I immediately deleted skype including the library folder, and reinstalled skype.  but the helper app is still there i think, because i wasnt asked again to install it.

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