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Skype 5.8 and contacts window

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Oh yes, what setting I have to tweak to have ONE WINDOW PER CHAT? Oh, no, that was Skype 2.8.

It's coming. They are listening. Look at this page for information on what they're working on.

There are always people who don't like change in life, no matter what

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Nobody wants 1 window per chat!!!


We want one small window, with tabbed chats, just like .....  Adium, like Trillian, like iChat, like Yahoo Messenger for Mac and Windows.     


Not asking for too much here.....not asking for anything too radical!!!

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hello? Read my previous message.


That window is USELESS because it's a copy of the contacts on the MAIN window.


MAKE THE MAIN WINDOW SMALLER, taking off the contacts list that are now on that "new float window"

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On the right side of the contacts bar, when the crossed arrow shows, drag it to the left, to the edge of the box, and it suddenly disappears. Voilà, no more contacts showing and no more infantile moaning. That is, it works on Don't know about other versions.
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