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Skype 5.5 Mac - No Volume Control

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Casual Tourist

I updated from 5.3 to 5.5 yesterday. Instantly after the update i was not able to find a way to adjust the volume of my USB-Headset. Someone just removed the volume control in the call view. I thought "This cant be" ... but its true.. 


Searched the web ofc and found other people complaining about the same thing but there was at least a 3 click solution for those guys .. but on a Mac there is NONE!


On windows you are allowed to see the connection quality button.. on a Mac there is NONE!


And this is no Beta .. this is REAL.


To proof what i mean ... 



I guess this will get fixed in about 12 month like the "Dial Pad Auto Popup" problem. So i will check out other clients in the time.


This is ridiculous!




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Community Ambassador

Volume control still exists, albeit stashed where it's not terribly convenient:


Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem.
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I noticed this too !

I was researching and to lower the Skype volume instead of the whole volume of the computer is to hold Option, Command and the down arrow key and it'll pop up this skype volume icon like the volume icon on the mac and it'll lower it without lowering the overall computer volume. I can't find the button but this is the only way :o
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I am actually using skype 6.0, and I hv found there isnt a button for your to increase/decrese volume, yet it could be adjust (skype only, not the system) by pressing alt+command+up/down. Hope that helps?

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Oh thank god. Thanks for posting here repotaf. I thought I was losing my mind. Everyone says there's an icon on that call window. I've spent over an hour of my life trying to figure out why I don't have one. I guess we trash this so called "latest & greatest" version and go back to the previous version? Skype... really??!!!
Casual Adventurer
As well, I noticed this right away. Every update of v5 seems to take functionality away (previously they took the ability to adjust what part(s) of the screen to share, now you're force to share all; and the ability to zoom in on a screen share, now that functionality is also gone :< ).

Please give us volume control back!
Routine Adventurer

Apparently, the Skype for Mac dev team have removed the volume controls from the in-call control bar because the same functionality can be found by using the F11/F12 buttons on the Apple keyboard.


If that is the case, why haven't they removed the mute button as well?

Novel Adventurer
F11 and F12 keys turns down your whole system sound, So it is no good. We would like a manual call volume control to manually turn down the call, The other annoying thing is, Some of us like to listen to music and play music in skype so when your listening to music nice and loud in your ears we're going to have to hear the skype call FULL BLAST? Great!
Agreed. This is basic functionality that should have never been taken out. There are cases when you want you lower Skype's volume, but not the rest of your system's volume.

I call into virtual workspace conference calls during work and would like to be able to lower the volume of Skype and listen to music when I'm not needed in the call. Please add this functionality back in!
Novel Adventurer

I just want to say that I will not use Skype any more until this issue is fixed, and I've bought lots of minutes with Skype over the years. Whoever thought this was a good idea should be fired.

Novel Tourist

First off removing this kind of functionality is beyond believe! Who made this decision, why not use your blog and get some kind of feedback from the community first? 


Plus who ever said the F11/F12 functionality on a Mac is just the same obviously a Windows users 


For everyone else who wants to downgrade get the old version of Skype which also doesn't take up 25% of you screen realesate at

Casual Adventurer

It's worse than that, not only is there no volume control to support the "Skype Certified FREETALK everyman Headset" which the previous build supported, however they also removed Video support for the FV Touchcam V1 HD camera which worked with build I will be reverting back to the previous build until both of these issues are resolved and strongly suggest others do the same.

Casual Adventurer
In response to the Audio Volume adjustment being disabled in the latest build, please note the following:

1.The FREETALK Everyman Headset is sold on the SKYPE store, and promoted as Macintosh compatible!
2.The receive volume on the latest build is NOT adjustable using the system settings when using the headset.
3.The audio is ONLY adjustable on build if the audio is routed to the system speakers, which IMO totally defeats the purpose of using the SKYPE endorsed EVERYMAN Headset!.
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