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Silly request - Mountain Lion Notification center support.

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Casual Tourist

I was wondering if we can get a quick release to get Skype notifications delivered into notification center for Mountain Lion as it gets quite a clutter and history less with the old growl like way of doing stuff.


Now to beg ms to do the same

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Novel Adventurer

While waiting for proper notification center integration you can set Skype to use Growl for notifications and then use Hiss ( to redirect them to Notification Center.

Novel Adventurer

Couls anyone tell me how many people can share my screen at the same time please and can windows users share?


Many thanks


Community Manager Emeritus
Novel Tourist

After downloading the new Skype version, I get a notification that the old version of Skype cannot be replaced.  Can you help?  Thx!


Novel Adventurer
I have exactly the she problem. It downloads, announces that it has been updated, but then does not come back and says it cannot update because the application cannot be overwritten. OSX Lion. Help, please
Casual Tourist

I try to open skype, it loads for a little bit then does nothing.


Does anyone know what to do?

Casual Adventurer

u restart the computer and see

Novel Adventurer

Tried that too. Unfortunately, nothing seems to work: restarting, doing the update completely as administrator, as opposed to merely typing in the password when prompted. I suspect I should trash skype completely and restart with the updated copy, but I am afraid to lose my list of contacts and other arrangements.


Is there a feature somewhere that one can toggle about an app that makes it immune to beeing either erased or modified?

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