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Screen Sharing (please.. need answer...)

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I need the correct answer to this..


I am an online tutor that needs my student to be able to share her screen on some days with me.  I also need to share my screen with her on some other days. We are not looking to share at the same time, just both able to share.


Do we each need to buy a PREMIUM accoun to make this happen?




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yes that is how I read the premium product as well.  If you wish to share to them.. you need to be a premium member. They want to share to you premium membership


Have you considered OOVOO or Teamviewer for your needs?



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if that is true.. that sucks..  $120 a year for us both to share screens once in a while..


I have not checked out those other things.  Trying to keep it simple for business.





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Hi there,


You can share your screen with one contact in a voice call for free on Skype 2.8 for Mac OS X (this also applise to Windows)


You only need Skype Premium for screen sharing during a video call/group video call.





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