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Screen Sharing Sound

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Novel Tourist

Is it possible to share screens with someone and at the same time let the other person hear what is happening on your computer? If I want to show a video on my screen sharing while I have a headset I can't get the sound to carry over as well. I have tried changing the audio settings in my system preferences and skype preferences but it will only give me the one option for input and for output of my headphones. How can I share sound and my screen while wearing headphones with a mic?

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Casual Tourist

I have the same question except that I'm on a pc not a mac. The other person can see the video on my screen, but can't hear the sound. She can hear me. I can hear myself, the video, and the other person through my headphones (with a mic).

Novel Tourist

Same here!  I want to play video (with audio) while screen sharing during video meetings to small groups.  I want them to be able to hear the audio track on the video.  It seems Skype can't handle that.  is it true?

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I have the same problem.  Anyone ever get an answer/solve this problem?

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Novel Tourist

I would also like this question to be answered, if i figure it out i will put it on this forum.

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have you found out how to share screen and audio as yet?


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Novel Adventurer

Same here :\ Skype needs to fix this...

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I have Skype Premium and I also want to screen share QuickTime videso. We can hear each other, see each other and see the QuickTime video.  I can hear the QuickTime audio on my end, she can't on her end.  How can we get an answer as to how to make this work?  Or how can we alert Skype that it is a problem?

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Casual Tourist

Is it possible to share sound of computer along with screen, while wearing headphones? (I'm on Mac too)

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