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Print Skype call log

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Hello, I need to print the skype call logs that I have made with my fiance to prove an ongoing relationship since we are trying to get him to come to the states with a K1 Visa. Does anyone know of a way of doing this on a mac computer?

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Accepted by Nick.K9 (Staff Moderator)
‎28-08-2015 11:00

While there is not currently a way to print out your history as you see it in the conversation view, you CAN copy any number of messages and paste them into TextEdit.


The easiest way to select messages like this is to use the Jump Back feature. This is only available in newer builds (6.4+ I believe), so make sure you update the client first. Then Ctrl-click a recent message and select Jump Back > 1 Year. That will load a year of messages. (You can do this as many times as necessary.) Now click in the conversation view to give it focus, press Cmd-A to select everything, Cmd-C to copy it and then Cmd-V to paste it into a new TextEdit document. Save that file, naming it something like "history.txt".


You can then edit that, removing private IMs and whatnot. If you really just want the call history, I recommend using grep. Read that link for more on details, but the command you need will be this:


grep ": Call" history.txt


That will leave something like this in Terminal:


[03/12/2012 17:52:17] Joe Kavalier: Call started
[03/12/2012 18:04:18] Sam Clay: Call ended 12 minutes 1 second
[04/12/2012 17:25:17] Sam Clay: Call started
[04/12/2012 17:32:34] Sam Clay: Call ended 7 minutes 16 seconds
[07/12/2012 13:00:31] Joe Kavalier: Call started
[07/12/2012 13:23:35] Sam Clay: Call ended 23 minutes 4 seconds
[07/12/2012 16:36:07] Joe Kavalier: Call started
[07/12/2012 16:59:10] Sam Clay: Call ended 23 minutes 3 seconds
[07/12/2012 16:59:15] Joe Kavalier: Call started
[07/12/2012 17:34:10] Sam Clay: Call ended 34 minutes 55 seconds
[18/01/2013 11:14:22] Joe Kavalier: Call started
[18/01/2013 11:15:15] Sam Clay: Call ended – call dropped 53 seconds


Now, obviously, IANAL! You'll have to speak with an immigration lawyer to determine whether this will be sufficient proof for a government. But this should be far less unwieldy than tens of pages of screen shots.

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Please copy/paste the link below into the browser window of your choice:

About Me You can also use a IP Camera as your camera for Skype video Example Instructions
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Has anyone figure this out yet?  I know how to look at my call history, that's not the problem.  I need to know how to PRINT my call history (on a mac). I also need this for the K-1 visa application!  I really need to get this figured out as soon as possible!

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Hi, l have same situation, try copy and paste the history onto a word document, tats what immigration told me to do, good luck
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You have to do this regularly, my Skype only remembers 3 months of calls...  Heard of a UK request fail because of not enough pictures submitted of when they were together, accepted with more pictures...  Best to over supply info rather than under supply!!!


Easiest way I found to copy was if you hold the Mac key, you can reveal the details of a number of calls simultanously, then Mac key, plus shift key, plus 4 keys converts the cursor into cross hairs, allowing you to select an image to take a picture of, deposited on the desktop as picture (number).  Using this method, I found it better to use open office as Word not so good if you paste a large number of images (certainly in MS Office from recent years, may have been sorted in the latest versions?).


Good luck

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Thanks!  I just sent my application packet in yesterday, but thank you both for the response!  I thought about just copy and pasting it but I didn't know if they would accept that as 'legitimate evidence'.  So ended up doing the screen shot thing.  It was 6 months worth of skype calls so it was quite a timely process of scrolling down, taking a screen shot, scrolling down, taking another shot, etc.  But it worked and hopefully it is more legit than a copy and paste job!


Skype could make this process SO much easier if they would just create a way for users to print out call logs!!!  You would think after so many complaints (there are other blog threads about this same issue without any really good solutions) that Skype might do something about it!

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It would be so much easier to be able to print the lists.  Each time I have prepared my call logs, timely is not the word, it took (expletive) ages...

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well thanks that is what i did i guess were not the frist to run in to this/ good luck with your visa.
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Hi there,

Does anyone have the answer for how to create a file listing calls only, and not chat? I have so much chat it won't load the history for the last 6 months that I have on my computer.

Thanks and good luck everyone with your visas, hope they were granted.
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Forgot to mention I'm using a Mac. Can't seem to find a way to create a file listing calls on Skype (with or without chat) that have been made to my partner over the last 2 years. Has anyone got an answer for how to do this? 



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