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Phone doesn't ring. Voicemail doesn't pick up.

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I have had a paid Skype account set up for quite some time.  When I initially set it up, you could actually talk to a real person and the guy walked me through the process.  I also have the Skype icon on my iPhone 4. 


When it was set up, the guy helping me called the number.  The icon flashed on my iPhone and the call came through (like I want it to do).  Well, it's not working now.  I don't get a lot of calls at that number yet, but I'm not getting the service I paid for.


I received an e-mail this morning that I had a voicemail.  My iPhone never rang.


I went into Skype (through my iPhone) and retrieved the voicemail.


I just called my Skype number from my home phone and it just rang and rang (I hung up after 13 rings).  The Skype icon on my cell phone never flashed and the voice mail never picked up.


Voicemail is enabled (I checked).


I can't find the answer to my problem on the website.


Very frustrated!!  It's obviously not working the way I was told it would and the reason I paid for the service.




Glenda Rast

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Did you ever get this issue resolved? I purchased a subscription for an online number and have been trying to get the voicemail to work. All the settings are correct and enabled but the calls just ring without the voice prompt picking up. I contacted chat support which was no help at all.





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I am having the same problems. There doesn't seem to be anyone who works for Skype to help correct the problem.

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The other problem I have is that Skype picks up the call on the first ring (instead of waiting for my setting of 15 seconds) and the voicemail doesn't pick up the call.

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There is a solution to the voicemail problem you have (I had it too) that I found on this forum and it goes like this:


1. In preferences, open the Calls tab.

2. Click the Call Forwarding checkbox.  I know, you dont want to forward the call, but hang on.

3. Set the time to forward call to about half of what you want it.  I set it for 6 seconds, because 12 seconds total works for me.

4. Then put your OWN skype id in the the forward field. Yes, strange but it seems to work. I guess you are essentially forwarding it to yourself.


So what happens is this. The call rings through to your account and if you don't pick it up in 6 seconds, it forwards to the same account and continues ringing. If you don't pick it up in 6 more seconds, it bounces to voicemail.


Now I should point out that this works for me on my iMac (10.5.8) running Skype version and I don't have Skype on a cell phone. So I'm most curious if this works for you, assuming you're probably on the latest Skype version. If you need and pay for the call forwarding service, then obviously this advice will not work for you...

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I have the same problem and to make matters worse it sometimes takes 15 minutes for the voicemail to appear so I don't rapidly know when someone has tried to call me.
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