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People can hear my computer sounds and music.

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Whenever I skype with someone, they can not only hear me, but my computer sounds and my music clearly as if they are playing it themselves. I have headphones that have a mic built into it and I was wondering if that would be the problem? Oh and I also can not access any settings such as audio through skype, only through my mac book. Please help, this is getting very fustrating. That picture is what my skype looks like, and as you can see, there is no where to click any settings and such.

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I'm not sure why your computer sounds are being transmitted, unless whatever mic you are using is picking up the ambient sound.  That aside, the sound settings are to be found in Skype's Preferences (they're a dropdown menu under Skype at the top left end of your menu bar--next to the Apple icon).

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I had the exact same problem discovered today...after 40min of my life and no real clear answer, I have discovered this: even though the recording devices under the sound control panel are disabled, they are not fully 'disabled.' What I ended up doing is re-enabling the stereo mix and realtek digital input (do the same for the equivilent on your computer) and turned the levels (its own tab) all the way down to 0. Worked for me.



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If you go into your skype settings (Where you chose which mic to use and such) turn them all down. If you are on windows turn down or disable stero mix. This should fix the problem if it dosnt factory reset your computer or manualy update skype. Mabey updating skype will work if all else fails.

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im haveing the same thing happening so if you know how to fix it tell me


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I'm having this problem, but on my phone... V.v
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Sorry for bumping this many year old thread, but I had the same issue and connecting my headset to the backpanel, directly into the motherboard, solved the problem for me.

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I have the same problem. But stereo mix is disabled

It is really anoying because I can't play games with them that have sound or listen to music.



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I have the same problem and i'm going to become crazy soon. I'm trying not to swear like **** in here right now. I just bought new headphones (my friend also has them) just because of my friends could hear my skype sounds. No1 knows how to fix it!!!!! I have been searching for years! No one knows how to fix it!!!!!
-My skype friends can hear their own voice.
-My computer sound like music and gaming sounds...
-They can hear every ******* little sound of a rat 10km from our house.. They can hear stuff I can not hear! This sucks!
Why does this happen!?!??????????????????
I hate to skype! I hate skype just because of this! I want to fix it!
My headphones are really good! My friend I skype with also has them!
When I mute my mic, they can still hear me and my voices!

Thanks please help. 3:

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I know your message is very old, but would you please care to explain how you did so with your speakers, I can not find any settings in regards to what you have mentioned.

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