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PRIVACY - I don't want my video showing or working on Skype

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Novel Adventurer

Okay, so I want to know how to turn the video function off. I am a paranoid person and I don't like that anyone can see that I have a camera, sepcially not after a friend of mine, who happens to be great with computer turned on my camera from his computer using Skype, now you shouldn't go after him, he has done nothing wrong I asked him if it could happen and he said yes and then showed me with my permission.


I do not want people to be able to see that I have a camera and I do not want to be able to use my camera on skype. I want to know how to do this, because then if I ever do have to use video I can always turn it on, but I want it to be a option.


I have a built in camera on MacBook Pro, so it just dectect that I have one immediatly and there is nothing to do to turn it off.


Also don't tell me to

 click Tools >> Options >> General Settings >> Video Settings.


Doesn't work on a MacBook. There isn't even a Tools option, the closets thing is going into Skype and then Privacy and then Allow Screen and Video Sharing with No One.


And I have figured out that even though I said that I allow it with NOBODY (by calling myself though my other skype and iPhone) you can still ask to video chat and if you accidentally say yes, it will start to video chat.


So they can still see that I have the video option and they can still video chat with me.

I do not want this, it is a matter of privacy. Nowadays nothing is private anymore, and I would hope that Skype at least lets there users choose!

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