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Do what I did: switch to Google Voice/Video and Google+ Hangouts. I only use Skype for work, and rarely so now that most of my co-workers and friends have also dumped it for Google. Ever since 5.0 first made it's rounds, we've mostly migrated away from Skype and now it's only used for the Skype calls to other Skype users once or twice a month. 

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Wish the skype team would have some common sense about their interface design. Please go back to a lightweight usuable app.  Have used skype daily for the last 3 years... and am now looking for other options.

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looks like skype dont care about the customer preferences all they care is the dollars flowing in... what a shame... the mac client is useless and consume high CPU and high bandwith. I mean come on only lazy programmers get so many resources from a machine for a messagin client.

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New Skype Beta out for Mac - -
anyone think the UI is better ?

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On Mac this is barely tolerable. I run an IT firm and we get constant questions on how to shrink or make it skinny and only see the key information: contact names. It eats up far too much real estate and you can't get rid of the sidebar nor stretch the names column to even make it readable. Are there people who actually like this?
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we're using 2.8 all across our company - please bring back the old GUI

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I'm so surprised... The most popular topic in Mac section is "New Skype UI is sux" and there is still no change in 5.5. Surprised that there is no any official reaction yet.

Waiting for Trillian or other client to get native Skype support without a need to run Skype itself (SkypeKIT).

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Just stumbled on this thread, upgraded from 5.3 to 2.8, and I'm LOVING IT. Big improvement.
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Might as well throw another complaint into the void. Every time a new Skype 5 beta comes out, I download it hoping someone sane started listening... but no. I can't screenshare in 2.8 to anyone using 5, but I STILL use 2.8 any time I can. Skype 5 is that miserable.
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I hate skype 5 enough to join the forum and post. 2.8 worked, it was compact and functional and its why I subscribed. I'm over it and looking for an alternative - withdrawing my financial support, skype.
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