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PLEASE HELP: Video Calls dropping - Mac to Windows

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When I make video calls 99% of them drop after a few seconds. I call from Mac (OS X 10.5.8.) to Windows - both computers have been updated with the latest versions of Skype and OS. I've reinstalled Skype on both computers as well. My calls are rarely successful but when they are I can talk for a long time without disconnecting. So when the calls drop - it happens right after connection has been made and it doesn't matter if the call is outgoing or incoming. Skype shows no error message on either side. 


Can anyone help me with this ussue? 

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Im having the same issue.
Any help?
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I am having EXACTLY the same issue. This started about a week ago for me, otherwise it has been working perfectly on the same calls for the last 6 months. HELP!

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Is there support help from Skype or they just ignoring the dropped connection issue with MAC? 

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