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Other end can BARELY hear me - PLEASE HELP

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Casual Adventurer

There seems to be a fairly common history of mic/audio problem with Skype on Macs.  I've googled extensively and sifted thru this community but still have no answers.


I have a 2007 Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro which originally ran 10.4.11.  Whatever version of Skype should have worked with that was lacking in one area.  The person I was Skyping with could barely hear me.  That was the case with a couple of different people and they had successfully Skyped with others.  Which points back to me.  Yes, I've checked all my settings.  I can make a Yahoo Msgr call with no issue, so it seems to be specific to Skype.


I had read that upgrading to newer Skype would resolve it.  That involved me upgrading my Mac OS.  So, I finally have moved up to 10.6.8 and downloaded the latest Skype for Mac, v.  Problem solved?  NOPE!  Same exact problem.  I can do a Yahoo Msgr call without issue, but not Skype.  The video works on both ends for Skype and whomever I Skype with comes thru nice and clear on my speakers, but they can barely even tell I'm talking.  Even when doing a test call, I could BARELY hear my own playback.


I've tried a headset that plugs into the speaker and mic jack and I've tried the external, built in mic.  I switch my setting accordingly.


Does anyone know the secret to what's going on???


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I have the same problem and I have tried everything that you have mentioned plus adjusting the audio MIDI settings under utilities and nothing.  I'm so frustrated that I can't communicate with my friends and family because they can barely hear me when I can hear them fine.  What's going on?

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