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OS X 10.8.5 broke Video on MacBook Air

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Casual Tourist

This worked for me, thank you so much! It's very easy.

Reliable Adventurer

if you have Time Machine go to first post !


Because a lot of people have problems with this solution performing the actions I made a small tutorial with pictures, if you still have problem with understand it , unfortunately I can not help you.


The solution is only temporary, because Apple has removed support for 32-bit from this plugin, we have to wait until Skype will support 64-bit or Apple will restore the support 32-bit


1. First Download the plugin, this is a "zip" (compressed) file, you need to unpack this file.

2. Open the Finder


3. In menu form Finder click "Go"


4. Next "Go to Folder"


5. In the window paste /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/  and press go 


6. In folder you have file AppleCamera.plugin make copy of this file on memory stick or send to email but don't rename or don't move to the trash !!!!


7. If you have copy, go to downloads folder and copy the downloaded file, be sure that is the AppleCamera.plugin not a zip file. (shortcut key "cmd + C")


8. Now go to the folder /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/ (point 3 to 5) and paste the file (shortcut key "cmd + V")


9. If system ask what to do then press "Replace" !! Don't keep both files !!

10. Restart system




Thanks for the file.  It worked immediately, once I closed down Skype and reopened it.  I hope this doesn't get messed up when Mavericks is released soon.

Novel Tourist

i can't get my skype to work om my Mac book air. I have tried what Sebastian suggested but it still not working

Casual Tourist

So helpful thankyou!!


I have been having this problem for about 24 hours and aftre deleteing p lists and doing everything under the sun- including reinstalling OS-none o fwhich worked, I found a way around it:

Went back on Time Machine to a week earlier.

Camera works fine !!

Also FYI for all out there: even when the canera was not working, my $5 Chinese made USB camera was !

Novel Adventurer

Thanks!!!!! Mine is working fine. I need this because I never used Time Machine

Casual Tourist

same problem.

Novel Tourist

Sounds like a ploy to force hands for sure. was pretty pissed when this happenned to me as im a new mac user and love my mac, but also skyoe every day with fam and friends around the world as i am working in saudi arabia. now can only do voice calling.

Routine Adventurer

It's kind of annoying that it takes multiple days until Apple distributes a quick fix for that. -.-