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Not enough Skype Credit

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Casual Tourist

I just registered on Skype for the free calls and video. When I try to call another person who also has Skype, I get a message saying that I don't have enough Skype credit. I thought that it was supposed to be free. Why am I getting this message?

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Community Ambassador

Skype-to-Skype is free, but Skype-to-landline or cell phones is not.  I'm not sure how much credit comes with the free trial (it has been years since first I started with Skype), but your Skype home screen will show any funds available immediately below your Skypenane (top left end of the Skype screen).

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Novel Adventurer

I also receive this message and I'm not calling a landline. None of my attempts to Skype anyone have gone through and I've only tried three times in the last six months!!

The answer to this problem was beside-the-point for me. I'm not calling a landline. I have Free Skype. I'm supposed to Skype others who have it on their computers. I've received no notice that the service changed since I used it on a fairly regular basis after first installation on another laptop over a year ago.  So I assume it's the same - not a "free trial" but the Free SKype service that I signed up for and my husband still has on his (same as when first installed) computer. It's ridiculous having these robot answers to problems. They bypass the problem and pretend the answer is "right" when there's no way to tell a human being that the service is mysteriously working in a way not advertised to users!!!!

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