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No sound for Test Call/outgoing calls but I DO have sound for test sounds - WTF?!

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Routine Adventurer

What the heck is going on here?


When I go into the skype options and go into sound devices I can hear the sound just fine when I click on 'make test sound' but when I click on make test call I get jack squat.  At what point did Skype think it was a good idea to use a different sound device for playing sounds versus playing the sound of a call?  Going through trying to figure out where the hell this is setup but I'm not having any luck... anyone have any ideas?

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Routine Adventurer

Still encountering this problem and I know I can't be the only one.. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Ok, strange enough when I opened up paman and try it I get sound again.. No idea why but so far this is the only thing I've tried that restores sound for outgoing calls. I didn't adjust anything mind you, I just opened it up.
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Nope, I take that back.. it must have been lucky because it doesn't do the trick.. Gah, this is annoying..
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I have no outgoing sound

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