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New Skype/ no games?

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Doesn't the new version have games on skype? I noticed games are missing, is this a technical error, or have they been taken off?

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It is not an error.  The Mac version does not have games (for which I am grateful, but many others are not).

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n): Am sick and tired of NOT being able to play games with my daughter on skype, ever since her laptop got stolen. Now she has MAC version and we can't play games and visit like we used to! WHEN are they going to do something about MAC users NOT being able to play us Windows PC users???

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The games have been removed from Skype for Windows about a year ago. It won't be added to Skype for Mac therefor.

If you want to play games together I recommend taking a look at gaming websites like

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Claudius asking for help does not want to change my password from "password forgotten" my email is "" tried several times but does not work. Skype - thedevil0000 please some of you help me. For me, this Skype Name is very important

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Ooh... may be in future i think the games will add, because now a days every one is addicted to online games!

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