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New Facebook Integration with Skype 5.4 for Mac OS X Beta

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It is hidden in a drop down menu via the gear on the Skype Home page.  Maybe you should actually use Skype 5.4 on a Mac before simply copying the same bad instructions everyone else has published on the net.

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I agree with people who believe that user must have an option to choose whether he wants contact list or so-called "main page" as a start tab. And also an option to choose between table view and classic view in "Contacts". Many of my friends don't want to install the update because of those things.

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Looked at all these 'hidden' locations for this button, but honestly I still cannot find it anywhere. I've updated Lion, Skype to 5.4...still nothing. Any suggestions?
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Facebook is already under fire for tracking users without their permission via the "Like" buttons you find on a lot of websites - it emerged you're never really properly logged out.  I have really, really, *REALLY* no intention to give Facebook any more routes by which to acquire information without me knowing it, so I'd like assurances this thing will not pass information without my permission.


There is a lot of data in Skype that is considered private by most people (and indeed most privacy laws in Europe), and oh so desirable from Facebook's "we want it all" perspective: contacts, call records, chats.  Integrating Facebook here is a bit like asking a pedophile to a child party and hoping he'll behave.  I admire the optimism, but I'm cynical for a reason..


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I also have no facebook integration. No gear left or right. I'm using MAC OS X 10.5.8 with Skype  I have restarted, logged in, logged out and clicked everything clickable. It is simply not there. The only thing Skype Home gives me is a  "Say hello with Skype" page and a choice of "find friends" ..does not bring up facebook or "Call a number"

Someone must have an answer.

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First thing is that the beta 5.4 is not downloading and so integration is not working
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I've updated to the latest version of the beta ( and the Facebook integration is still not showing up for me.

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it directs to Windows download!

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No, it’s not cool because it doesn’t work. Is anyone from Skype even reading these messages? I have the new 5.4 beta, and there is no mention of Facebook anywhere in the app.

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What login page are you talking about?

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