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My video camera on my mac isn't working for Skype.

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Novel Tourist

I am fully updated, using a built-in camera on my macbook pro, and i went into preferences to check it out, and my video camera isn't working with skype. i thought it was the camera at first, but it's not. i can still take pictures on photobooth, but skype won't work. help?

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Novel Adventurer

Hello Im currently having the same problem...did you eventually get it fixed...

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Same problem. Brand new macbook pro. Latest version of skype for mac downloaded. facetime camera works on other apps. mac support declares it a skype problem. Grrr.

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Former Staff

If you use Ecamm software, Call Recorder and/or iGlasses, please make sure you have the latest version(s) installed.


And we will need your help.

Can you create and submit logs using Thibault's instruction, please? You can find instruction on how to create logs here:


Thank you.

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Casual Adventurer

They sent me directions to create a log, use terminal, I'm not computer savvy like that, I have no idea how to do those things but a lot of people are having problems.  Most of the contatacts I Skype with and clients can't get video now either.  Not just with me, with anyone.  So if this was an update, its a mess.

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OH and I don't have either Recorder or iglasses.  So boo.

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Having the same issue. All of a sudden my camera isn't working on my Macbook Pro. I use skype all the time and it was working last night then this morning nothing. Black screen when I look in preferences. Has anyone figured out how to fix this?

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Casual Adventurer

I have fixed the problem in the only way that is working for me.  I got rid of the "new" skype and got my older version off of my back up Time Machine.  It works perfectly.  So for me all the issues are in the new version.  NO matter what instructions they, or anyone gave me, the new skype won't work on my iMac.  


I do have another question, my skype keeps updating to the newer version automatically, is there a way to NOT have it do that?

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In Skype's General Preferences, untick "Keep Skype up to date" or "Check for updates automatically" (I don't recall the wording on v5.x, but it shouldn't be difficult to find). That should do it.
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I'm having this same probelm.. and none of the handy dandy tips Skype have given me have worked. 


Come on, Skype. Obviously there is something wrong with this update. Fix it.

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