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My built in webcam wont connect to skype.

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My macbook built in webcam wont connect with the new verzion of skype. WHY? it works in iphoto booth, and everything else, just not skype! HELP!

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Be certain that no other video-enabled applications are running when you try to use the camera with Skype.  Macs don't like to share, and only one video-enabled app can run at a time, AFAIK.

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nothing else is running off the webcam. i have tried updating, reinstalling, restarting the whole computer. nothing works. apple says everything is working fine and its a skype problem. 

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kvammeday  Re: My built in webcam wont connect to skype.
Please have a quick look in Skype Preferences. 
Select the (6th) Audio/Video option in Preferences.
Here, Skype will try to activate all your in- and out methods.
(camera & microphone).
If everything is working here, it should work in a live-conversation as well.
Good luck!
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Yeah, right... I have two of them - one in MBP and the other in the display... Both get recognized in preferences but test box remains black and no video comes out of the box... Interestingly - same problem with MSN... Is there a connection? :robotmad:

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Maybe there is a connection to the MSN-problem


I am unable to test this theory, because only one camera here - but maybe MSN & Skype gets confused by two cameras.


Please tell me; how does MSN & Skype react if you unplug the external monitor (with built-in camera)?



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Hi! I have the same camera just a black box.. and on top of that no outgoing voice, it seems the internal microphone is not working either..It worked before I updated to the latest OS..



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theory tested and... busted... Skype can recognize either of them but can not use neither of them Testbox just remains black... (see attachments) Connection is done through the displays USB port... Maybe there's the catch

Interestingly - if I try to run Facetime or Photobooth over the Skype, camera instantly turns on...

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mike should work just fine... Go to System Preferences>Sound>Input and check your input device there... Also go to Skype>Preferences>Audio/Video and do the same check...

(see attachment)

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well it works on all other apps. and all other apps are closed. its only my video that isnt working on skype. its only skype. i think its a skype problem....
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