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My Skype Gets Stuck on My Mac

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Novel Tourist

Hi,  I recently downloaded skype and have had an account on my laptop for a couple of days now. Today, I clicked on it to check my messages but it wouldn't open! For a few hours I kept trying and then when a message tab popped up on the right of the screen, I clicked it. Skype finally opened and now I am not able to close it, maximize it, minimize it or do anything on the actual open Skype. I then tried to shut down my Mac but it said Skype was open and I had to close it before I shut down!! I can't do anything so I have skype sitting on the side of my desktop!! My Mac was recently promoting a new update. Maybe that's it?!

Please help me ASAP as I need my Mac for school!!!

Thank you, Jess




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Novel Tourist

Happened to me too.....any help available?

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