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Multiple accounts on one e-mail?

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Hello everybody,


I am using on Mac and I am finding that I might have multiple accounts associated with the one email address I use on skype. Is this normal? How do I go about consolidating all my accounts into one unified account?


Thanks in advance for your assistance.



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Yes it is possible to register many accounts with one e-mail address. Unfortunately it is not possible to merge the accouns into one.

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Skype wont allow you to merge your accounts, but you can import all the contacts from one account to the other by just exporting the contacts list and importing it to which ever skype account you feel like.


To backup the contacts list, Goto: Contacts -> Advanced -> Backup Contacts to File

To restore the contacts list, Goto: Contacts -> Advanced -> Restore Contacts from File


Hope this helps..

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This works for Windows.  It is not an option for the Mac version of Skype.

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This is big bug!!!!

I have create two ID link to one email. I have put money in first ID. Now I forget the first ID and when I try to get the password back by the email, it tells me I have not registered with the first ID, only give me the late ID and password. The first Skype ID is a orphan now. and I have no way to use the money on it.

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Same problem here, forgot first ID pw but can't reset it because the email is associated also to the second ID.
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