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Missing chat lines

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I'm using Skype for Mac and am frequently running into an issue: while Growl notifies me of incoming messages, those messages don't show up in the chat text area. The same goes for outgoing messages as well, the window simply won't update with the latest lines.


Basically whenever I type something and press Enter, my lines don't show up in the log above, and neither do my chat partner's.


Restarting Skype fixes the issue for a while, but it comes back shortly after. The chat History does record the previously missing messages.


I was wondering if there is a fix for this or at least if it's a known issue or not.



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My problem is similar, although not identical. Ever since I started using Skype chat on all my devices (two Macbook Pros, iPad 1, and Samsung Galaxy Induldge Android), chat messages are often listed as "pending" and they don't appear at all on the other devices. Incoming messages sometimes take days to appear, and that's only if they appear at all!


I've also sent SMS message - and paid for them - only to find that they never appeared at the recipient's end. 

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Have you had any luck sorting this out? I have similar problems to you since upgrading to Lion and getting Skype app on Iphone. Constant pending messages, though I do recieve messages from the contacts that messages are pending to...


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Sadly no luck so far. I too have the Skype app on the iPhone and get the pending messages as well when one of my friends gets online through skype (even though neither of us starts a conversation, the past chat lines just pop up on both ends for no apparent reason).


I'm thinking the iPhone app might cause syncing issues between it and the desktop client, I'll unistall it and see if it helps in anyway since I don't use it that much.


That said, it seems a lot of other people have similar issues, hopefully the Skype dev team takes notice and looks into it for future updates.

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I've also noticed that Skype has the same problems on both Lion and Windows 7 (and at work running Windows Vista), so it doesn't seem to be OS related, it's more of a sync problem between all of them.

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It's been 3 days since I've uninstalled the Skype app on the iPhone (iOS 5.0.1) and all the issues mentioned above seem to be gone.


I guess I'll just wait for the iOS5 compatible version of AppFront to be released and use skype with that (jailbreak required). It's kinda' the mother of all workarounds but whatever, I wasn't using skype on mobile that much to begin with.

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Sure enough, the moment I used skype from a different client (same account, different computer), the problems come back. By now it's clear this is a syncing issue between clients, regardless of the platform the they run in.


So basically back to square one . Not amused.

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I have exactly the same issue. Normally I use skype from 2 Mac's but at this point its running on only 1. I see the growl notification of a new IM but when I open that persons' window, no new messages were added. I have to restart skype every time to see the new messages and tbh its a bit annoying. 


MacOS 10.7.2 + Skype


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I too am experiencing missing chat lines if I take a call then go back to Skype to type a message. My contact can see what I have typed but it doesn't show up in my own chat window!


Not only that I can't see what messages they then subsequently type! I have my chat history set to Never (off) and I don't have Growl running for Skype so I am completely stranded. Come on Skype sort this out.


This is a serious flaw that really needs to be addressed!

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The latest 5.6 update seems to have fixed the issue for good. I've been using it all day without any problems, so far so good.


Will report back if the problem pops up again, but for now I would recommend updating to the latest version.

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