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Maximum time limit

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Is it possible to set a maximum on a skype video call?  My daughter spends hours on hers and we want to be able to set it up in such a way that after a determined amount of time it shuts down?  Any suggestions?


Does skype go towards what your monthly download alotment



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Unfortunately Skype cannot help you with governing the length of a call or time spent online. Suggestions? As a father of 4 teenagers, I can definitely empathize with you, but can only suggest that you're the parent and so YOU get to set the rules. I'm afraid that you will have to be the one, not Skype, that shuts it down (though maybe not always automatically) after a determined amount of time. "Awwww...MOM!!"


I truly wish you buena suerte with that one...

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Are you saying that there is no time limit for video calls using the free Skype service?  I just used Skype for the first time last week for a small group of physicians. One hour to the minute after the call commenced, we lost connectivity.  I've been hunting around the I-net and the Skype website to see if I could find the answer to this question.  I had thought that perhaps there were a 1-hour time limit using the free Skype.  But, if there's no limit, then I need to troubleshoot elsewhere.



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You need to troubleshoot elsewhere.  There is no time limit in Skype and I've had plenty of calls that lasted over an hour. 

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However, if you are talking about multi party video calling - for this you will need Skype Premium subscription

1 on 1 video is free and unlimited
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I have twice experienced simultaneous disconnection of Skype audio calls after almost 1 hour.


In both cases, 5 colleagues and I had connected using individual Skype calls to an audio conferencing bridge (not a Skype conferencing service). Close to 1 hour after the initial connection, all of us were disconnected.  The operator of the conferencing bridge states that the bridge did not disconnect us.

Any ideas why this is happening please? Could it be Skype that is disconnecting?

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On all occasions I have skyped it has automatically disconnected me after an hour, and I have not been able to log back on.


I have just assumed that there was a 1hour time limit!!.


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I needed to search for the maximum hours allowed by Skype to its users. I just got disconnected from a video call which was running from 7hours and 59mins. This is the first time it happened to me, since i am a heavy Skype user.
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Speaking from an IT point of view - it is possible with most "Home Routers" to set time limits for secific IP addresses on your home network. I just "Googled" - setting time limits on a router - and found numerous solutions - most of which are directed at parents wishing to control or limit Internet useage. Hope that helps - Have a grand a glorious day!

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Appears to be no time limit on a skype call, as our group chat has been on call for over 200 hours. 


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